Iveco Wheels Pack

Iveco Wheels Pack (3) Iveco Wheels Pack (2) Iveco Wheels Pack (1)

Wheels Pack for Iveco Trucks. The pack includes, both the front and rear wheels, aluminum and steel. Front wheels – standard and wide

Note: the Wheels quite a lot – 44 front and 21 types of rear.
To put these wheels on other brands of cars is purely a matter of taste.
Wide wheels and tires marked with the letter W.
On default Iveco car Stralis quite possibly may be very widely to stand wide tires, and on the Highway normally. This osobennosti Stralis from the creators of the ga

The author of wheels for the GTS: Ventyres The author of tires: SCS Author of adaptation: oq37


10 thoughts on “Iveco Wheels Pack

  1. Can you adapt Ventyres Volvo wheels for 1.18 version? 🙂

  2. will you make packs for other trucks?

  3. Fantastic mod, pleace for volvo fh16 2012.

  4. brilliant…do it 4 the other trucks…please…

  5. Would be great to make the wheels compatilbe with the 50k tires…
    …and wheelpacks for the other trucks 😀

  6. Paulo Oliveira

    Can you adapt Ventyres Volvo, Scania and Mercedes-Benz wheels for 1.18 version?

  7. Add Volvo, Scania and DAF.

  8. please add for all truck..

  9. samuele99

    when published for mp4,rjl,ohaha and all scs truck?

  10. Ghostrider2800

    One one hand the selection of rims is overwhelming but n the other hand the selection of tires is very poor. Especially for the rear rims there are no tires and this mod disables 50keda`s wheel pack. Please make some proper tires for the ris and it will be an awesome mod.

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