Iveco Yamaha FR + Trailer


Game version: 1.3.1
Author: GORAN


7 thoughts on “Iveco Yamaha FR + Trailer

  1. Very cool model . Awesom job, But also can You do a Fiat-Yamaha Trailer ?

  2. This is for season 2013. Iveco is a Fiat right? But if you like Valentino, I have for you an excellent skin. Here you go:

  3. Doesn’t work! Just crashes the game 🙁

    1. trucker richy

      Max m8, i am not totally sure, but i think for this to work you need to start a new profile. It crashed my game too, so starting a new profile to see if that helps. Will let you know.

      Rtucker Richy 🙂

  4. trucker richy

    Tried this on a profile and it crashed, and then started a new profile and it still crashed, so i am afraid it does not work, well not for me anyways.

  5. CTD Crash to desktop

    with new profile

  6. The ‘locking’ attempt has been so ‘successful’ that the game can’t even load the file, just like a lot of the other stuff by this guy. Don’t even bother downloading it.

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