Iveco Yamaha FR + Trailer


Game version: 1.3.1
Author: GORAN


7 Responses to Iveco Yamaha FR + Trailer

  1. giro says:

    Very cool model . Awesom job, But also can You do a Fiat-Yamaha Trailer ?

  2. skiner says:

    This is for season 2013. Iveco is a Fiat right? But if you like Valentino, I have for you an excellent skin. Here you go:

  3. Max says:

    Doesn’t work! Just crashes the game 🙁

    • trucker richy says:

      Max m8, i am not totally sure, but i think for this to work you need to start a new profile. It crashed my game too, so starting a new profile to see if that helps. Will let you know.

      Rtucker Richy 🙂

  4. trucker richy says:

    Tried this on a profile and it crashed, and then started a new profile and it still crashed, so i am afraid it does not work, well not for me anyways.

  5. Baba says:

    CTD Crash to desktop

    with new profile

  6. anon says:

    The ‘locking’ attempt has been so ‘successful’ that the game can’t even load the file, just like a lot of the other stuff by this guy. Don’t even bother downloading it.

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