J.Cooper MAN TGA XXL Skin

This is a skin of J. Cooper & Son’s Man TGA XXL.
If you have any more requests for any skins to be made, please message our Facebook Page for further enquires.

My Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/MTGDMediaBingo7610SkinsAndPhotographs/?skip_nax_wizard=true

Rules about my skins: Please do not re-upload



5 thoughts on “J.Cooper MAN TGA XXL Skin

  1. Wrong font on all skin wrong wording on front wrong picture on cabin side gosh do i need to go on

    1. No you don’t need to go on, everything’s clear. The guy has made a skin, I’m also a skinner so I know that’s a lot of work.. And it’s ungrateful people like you that make modders/skinners disappear. So please, go on.

      1. Well if you are going to make a real world replica atleast make sure its the same or whats the point

        1. You’re totally right, but the way you said it is wrong. It’s better like: Hey, thanks for the skin but there are couple of mistakes etc…
          Not the way you said it like he owes you something. Just saying.

  2. Link wont download

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