Jacobs Transport Combo skin pack


JACOBS Transport a request from Tom.
MAN skin fits all versions of the truck, this is only a skin no tuning parts or anything else
Krone Profi liner skin, I’ve only made ​​JACOBS skin.
Tested on version

Author: Per_DK


12 thoughts on “Jacobs Transport Combo skin pack

  1. Thanks Per 😀 Really thank you, it’s awesome!!!! :DDDD

    1. 🙂

      1. Hey Per is there a way to make the trailer skin (only the jacbos one) like a replacement for the lkwlog or transinet trailers because I don’t like adding new companies because when I try to remove it then my game crashes

        1. nevermind just ignore my last post, epic mod 😀

  2. Freddy Jimmink

    Great job Per, indeed real awsome,

    Keep on going my man,



    1. Thanks Freddy, by the way you recived the pictures i send you, well just something if you don´t know what skins to make in DAF pack 2 🙂



  3. Freddy Jimmink

    Yeah i received them my man, but my mail was spacong so i coludn’t answer, sorry

    They’re great man i can do something with the pictures,



    1. Ok Buddy, just take it easy man, take your time 🙂

  4. Need a yellow black CAT skin for Renault magnum… If that’s possible..

    1. Hey Richard, sure it´s possible, i will see what i can do :).

  5. Thanks… Think would look cool with the yellow and black interior I got for the magnum…

  6. MattNowear

    where I can find the sideskirt to Man TGX 6X4 and 6×2?

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