2 ferries: One from Torshavn and one from Norkapp leading to Xoryx’s Greenland mod.
3 settlements: Olonkinbyen, Norkapp and Sorkapp.
3-4 companies, mainly fish and heavy general goods.

Version 0.2:
Adjusted houses en route to Puppebu.
Closed several terrain gaps.
Adjusted ferry name to be capitalized, fixed country code and country name. (Thanks to Kaiser from GMC)
Added lapping waves to a majority of the coastline.
Added a lot of movers.
Added a fuel tanker to refuel at Jan Mayen Station.
Added a repair & upgrade garage to Jan Mayen Station.
Added the Aurora Borealis effect around the map.
Rescaled several items to their proper size.
Added a lighthouse near the Garage.

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3 thoughts on “JAN MAYEN V0.2

  1. Would have been nice to use my original Mediafire link…

    https://www.mediafire.com/file/50evtrl76eku2vu/Jan-Mayen-Beta-0.2.1.scs/file 0.2.1 is out now anyway.

    Thanks for at least giving credit.

  2. dlc required ?

    1. HI, it requires all DLC that Promods requires since it uses their assets (with permission.)

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