Jano textures, sounds pack 1.0


Partially-selected, partly for their own creations.New MAN Wheel by
Indian 56.A big thanks to the two new wheel trailer for it too.

New leather interior for all truck, black, beige, white. New engines,
new transmissions, new environment, factory chrome wheels textures.
Black windows.New (brutal) air horn.New truck sounds.. Tested 1.9.22s.
Brutal Environment HD+Sound engine 6.1 RELOADED-by-Stewen, mode is
optimized for the texture pack. Sorry for the bad English.



28 thoughts on “Jano textures, sounds pack 1.0

  1. Nice! 🙂

    1. Thx. 🙂

  2. Dude this might be nice and everything but

    I’m not paying ANY money to install a mod!

    upload it to a decent FREE host if you want people to download it

    So thx but No thx

    1. oggmeista.Hey. Completely free, this mod is located at the bottom gray “Letöltés” button. 🙂

      1. Yes, free, but with “Turbo”-Speed from 14kb.
        So it should be nice, but I don`t like to wait more than 1hr. Sorry…

  3. cool mod!

    and i didn’t lose much fps! i like the interiors.

    good job! 🙂

    1. Thx.:)

      1. Any updates on the mod?

  4. Video !??

  5. Hey. Sorry, no YouTube account, so I did not make a video. 🙁

  6. Thank you….!

  7. Can you upload to a free download please

  8. URL=http://kep.psharing.com/789737][IMG]http://kep.psharing.com/789737.t.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

    1. http://kep.psharing.com/789737

      black framed. gray “lassú letöltés” button for free download.

  9. Yep. Free share, I have a 100/10 Mbit connection and this is into your mod takes about 20-30 minutes to come. Thank but no thanks.

  10. Szép :)—-nice,—-Schön. Garatulálok

    1. Thx.:)

  11. how to remove black vindow and lights?

    1. automat/16 and 20 library.

  12. Brutal mod<(z)Jano mod?
    Jano mod<(z)Brutal mod?
    Brutal mod=Jano mod?

    Your new interior looks great. I want to use this with Brutal mod.

    1. Hey. Two completely separate mode, interleaved.

  13. Download speed is toooooooo low ….. Shame. It’s nice looking mod

      1. Man, you can uptade this mod to 1.17 version?
        I love this mod … I Use a long long time.

  14. Hi it would be possible to do only mod of these modes New leather interior for all truck:
    New engines,
    New transmissions,

    Factory chrome wheels textures.
    Black windows. housing stock to see if you thank you very much David

  15. SharpeGamezModz

    Really good mod, but chrome is a bit too much on some wheels. love the new horn sounds.

  16. very nice mod

    I hope it will be updated to v1.15x

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