Jano Textures Sounds v 2.0.2 1.26 fixed

jano-textures-sounds-3 jano-textures-sounds-2 jano-textures-sounds-1

Contents of modification:

Fixed 64 bit Problem. Delete old version.

– DAF Crawler wheel rework (monster)
– Dayton Wheels Pack
– 50k Wheels Pack,Hella Luminator Led
– V8K Scania Wheels Pack (Only rim)
– Indian 56 MAN Wheels (Chrom)
– D3S Wheels (Chrom)
– New leather interior for all basic truck: Black, White, Beige.
– New transmissions.
– New engines
– New environment.
– New (brutal) air horn.
– New truck sounds…
– New road textures
– Reversing sound

(Smith Engineering


– Trucks Skins:
– General Transport
– Fazekas Balatonfüred
– B3-Sped Dombóvár
– Hungarocamion
– General
– Tilla Trans
– Siotrans
– Szemerey
– Transsped
– Huncargo
– Volvo Wolf
– Betyársereg Volvo FH 2012 skin
– Renault Magnum wolf skin
– Volvo FH 2012 Egypt Queen skin
– Transspeed modified skin Renault Magnum
– Waberer’s Volvo FH 2012 skin
– Lerton Trans
– Koppány 2007 KFT

Asus Z97-Pro Gamer

QuadCore Intel Core i5-4590, 3800 MHz

Kingston HyperX 16G

AMD Radeon R9 270



4 thoughts on “Jano Textures Sounds v 2.0.2 1.26 fixed

  1. Works Perfect. Thank you.

  2. Awesome piece of work you did here man. Compliments !!
    If possible i `ll give you a 5 star rating.
    Thank you

  3. Ses dans quel l’odre qui faut le mettre

  4. Odre de placement dans les mods

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