Jano Textures Sounds v 2.0.5 [1.30]

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Known defects have been fixed, new Scanias’ inner textures have also been replaced.

sorry for the bad englis.

– DAF Crawler wheel rework (monster)
– Dayton Wheels Pack
– 50k Wheels Pack,Hella Luminator Led
– V8K Scania Wheels Pack (Only rim)
– Indian 56 MAN Wheels (Chrom)
– D3S Wheels (Chrom)
– New leather interior for all basic truck: Black, White, Beige.
– New transmissions.
– New engines
– New environment.
– New (brutal) air horn.
– New truck sounds…
– New road textures
– Reversing sound

(Smith Engineering


– Trucks Skins:
– General Transport
– Fazekas Balatonfüred
– B3-Sped Dombóvár
– Hungarocamion
– General
– Tilla Trans
– Siotrans
– Szemerey
– Transsped
– Huncargo
– Volvo Wolf
– Betyársereg Volvo FH 2012 skin
– Renault Magnum wolf skin
– Volvo FH 2012 Egypt Queen skin
– Transspeed modified skin Renault Magnum
– Waberer’s Volvo FH 2012 skin
– Lerton Trans
– Koppány 2007 KFT




18 thoughts on “Jano Textures Sounds v 2.0.5 [1.30]

  1. tunning6000

    Excellent job

    1. Thx Bro.

  2. Jano, you’re crazy – how many years did you work on this mod?
    Just awesome! All interiors have become great. The download was worth it. Thank you for your effort and sharing 🙂

    1. Hello. In 2014, the beta version of this page appeared. 🙂
      As long as I have interest, update it, or leave my time.
      I like doing it..

      1. Jano, for me no other mod needed- but 🙁 if i make a fast trip to an other garage or if i go with F7 to the garage, the game often crashes. And the moon is very to big- but the all other is just great!

        1. I test it now with some profiles- your mod absolutely at the top -it does not matter what comes afterwards, no crash. Now all my 5 profiles have your mod at top 🙂 Again, thank you!

  3. victor198134

    не слышно звук мотора ни с улицы ни в кабине

    1. Привет. Какой звук у какого-то устройства не слышен?

  4. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. Thx for video!

  5. This mod is amazing i like it rly..but it crash sometimes..can u fix this next time i cant play without that xD

  6. Now my game is crashing too. Always when i make a fasttrip (teleporte) to another garage. Now i test again- when i dont use the modded tyres and rims the game is okay. No crashs anymore. There must be an error in the modded tyres and rims. N.K kann you test this- so we can give Jano an idea what to change.

  7. i have test it..but its crashed when i go to garage i cant take a job or when i go to main menu.. i havnt idea what the problem is. its make me crying

  8. Thanks Jano, but it does not appear in the Mod Manager. I can see only your Hungary_map_new_textures

    Please help.

    1. Hi. If you see hungary map new textures files You should see the other mod

  9. Excellent job! Best mod ever.

  10. Hi, do you go to the garage when you are traveling or in a garage for repair? There may be some files from the old garage mode in the automatic library. I can see if I can find the error .. Thanks for signaling.

  11. lütfen 1.31’e yükseltin lütfen çok iyi bir iş gerçekten

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