Japan Cabin Accessories v0.9


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This Mod add and replace some Cabin Accessories.

-Japanse flag
-UKIYOE(mikaeri bijinn)
-UKIYOE(fugaku sannjyuurokkei)
-Japanse flag with some amulets(for EU and UK)
-UKIYOE(mikaeri bijinn) with some amulets(for EU and UK)
-UKIYOE(fugaku sannjyuurokkei) with some amulets(for EU and UK)

-Vintage Motif Curtain -> kiku
-Legend Mini Scarf -> Amulet to Safe driving
-Trucker Mini Scarf -> Amulet to Safe driving2
-King Mini Scarf -> Japan Mini Scarf
-SCS Software Pennant -> Kiku Pennant
-Euro Trucks Pennant -> Fugaku sannjyuurokkei
-World of Trucks Pennant -> Japan Pennant
-American Trucks Pennant -> Mikaeri bijinn

This Mod requiring Cabin Accessories(DLC)
The original modeling of flag is “SiSL’s Mega Cabin Accessories Pack feat. Star Wars”

Others: SiSL (The original modeling of flag)

DOWNLOAD 605 KB sharemods
DOWNLOAD 605 KB mediafire

One thought on “Japan Cabin Accessories v0.9

  1. Hello, everytime I try to download the mod, after I open winrar, I can’t see anything in the folder, it’s empty. Can you please help me out ?

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