Japan Trailers Traffic Pack v 3.0

Japan-Trailers-Traffic-Pack-1 Japan-Trailers-Traffic-Pack-2 Japan-Trailers-Traffic-Pack-3

Euro Truck Simulator 2 Scandinavia

New Mod

●Moving company

・sakai-hikkoshi-center_ver2.scs=Sakai Moving Service Co., Ltd.(NEW)

●Shipping company

・nippon_express_pelicanbin.scs=Nippon Express Co., Ltd.(NEW)

●Food company

・kimuraya.scs=Kimuraya Sohonten.,Ltd (NEW)
・tokyo_meiraku_sujahta.scs=Nagoya Seiraku Co.,Ltd.[Abbreviation : meiraku] (NEW)

Production : ETS2 Studio 0-6-1-8

Author: taka


One Response to Japan Trailers Traffic Pack v 3.0

  1. fuji says:

    I shadow does not appear, Soshitara do I say?

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