Jazzycat Trailers Pack Traffic Addon

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jazzycat trailers are one of the best and it’s a pity there are not more in traffic. My mod is just an addition to jazzycat trailers and cargo pack v6.3 that brings in traffic more than 50 special cargoes in traffic.
Moreover I gave higher spawn to these cargoes also for few more special cargoes already included in traffic by jazzycat.
for some cargoes I had to change the traffic trailer into a non-steerable trailer (steerable axles are not yet accepted in traffic)
the zip archive includes a 2nd optional mod that remove from traffic some box trailers.
place any of my mods or both, above main mod, jazzycat trailers and cargo pack 6.3 or above.

jazzycat, cipinho


2 thoughts on “Jazzycat Trailers Pack Traffic Addon

  1. Calliandr

    Поздно выложили к сожалению,уже вышла версия новая
    “Пак прицепов и грузов версия 6.4” ,v6.5 на подходе.
    Сделайте как раньше делали аддон к данному паку увеличивающий вес груза.

  2. can be used for newer versions as well! the version 6.4 has only one new trailer and will not be noticed in traffic anyway…
    my mod only touches the traffic files not the cargoes, that is probably another mod, not mine…

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