JBK Tandem Trailers Pack 1


– 1 MB MP4 (Transalliance)
– 10 Tandem Trailers
– Standalone
– Angepasste Frachten
– Cargosystem angepasst an DLC Scandinavia
– ModManager Ready

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Authors: JoachimK, VlemmingV, SCS, JBK-TRANS

DOWNLOAD 65 MB [jbk-trans]
DOWNLOAD 65 MB [Sharemods]

6 Responses to JBK Tandem Trailers Pack 1

  1. techkilla says:

    00:02:20.139 : [fs] Failed to open file “/vehicle/trailer_eu/tandem/profi_liner/materials/a3e45782c306590f7bb531b1e4fd09185c5ed3.mat” in the read_only mode
    00:02:20.139 : [resource_task] Can not open ‘/vehicle/trailer_eu/tandem/profi_liner/materials/a3e45782c306590f7bb531b1e4fd09185c5ed3.mat’

  2. lorenzo says:

    per che camion sono questi tandem ?

  3. scania_dragon says:

    The game is not able to manage this kind of trailers in a correct way.
    It adds consistently other kind of wares in higher mass to these trailers. At least here at me. Have tested it with my own trailers.

  4. JoachimK says:

    What you try to tell?
    I have all our Trailers with OWN MADE LOADS in the Game and everything is OK. Actually we have around 280 own and different Freights.
    So, what you want to say? All our Tandemtrailer are made with adapted Loads and I have in my Pack from FV all Loads in the same way.
    Erst mal nachdenken und lernen und probieren bitte, dann schreiben !!!
    Und stop mal Deinen Spam !!!

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