Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2.0


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(Since it’s my 1st mod release, I’m trying a new concept)
Short Story : Some of you remember this car in 1.1X version era, well I felt in love in this car and since now, I’ve upgraded it and now, it’s time to release it!
I give you realistic details about this beast!
2012-2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
0-100 KM/H in 4.5 Seconds (Sequential)
Max speed : 230 KM/H

I included the physics mod from Renault Master by Kuba as his mod make the car more stable.

Latest version was from Roadhunter, I’ve updated def file and wheel data to latest version (1.21)
Added realistic sound (No Unrealistic sound anymore 😀 )
Almost every default SCS paintjobs work. Template and slot for custom painting available.

For any suggestion or bug report, tell me in comments and I’ll reply to you ASAP. I’ll work for improvement from comments 😉

More info in Readme.txt
Buy in Volvo dealers
Tested : 1.21

Willy (Convert to 1.21) Roadhunter (Base for conversion) kuba10105 (Physics), Cebinetstar, kirill73rus, doktorpixel14


17 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 2.0

  1. Milosz029

    I Renault itself which I bought at the beginning and as I installed this fashion today is my Renault It started every 5 seconds or burn more fuel. I had enough fuel for 400km as merchandise, attached it showed me that I have 180 km of fuel and had to get to the station ….

    1. I mentioned (I think) in the Readme.txt to DESACTIVATE realistic fuel consumption to lost less fuel.
      But I’ll try to fix it if you did turn off that.

  2. Hi there,

    I was very impresses by your mod so well done! 😉
    This are the bug that I found:
    – Left mirror doens’t work
    – The car makes an endless annoying suspension sound.. (If I look exterior the car trills a bit
    – The speedometer need to be corrected (It’s right until 60 mp/h… And if I drive 140 mp/h it’s about 90/95 mp/h
    – Physics needs a bit of improvement, when I drive 30 mp/h trough a corner most of the times it flips over…

    That was it 😉 Overall a very good start and if you make some more improvements this will be the most complete and realistic car out there on the Euro Truck platform 😉

    1. I already knows some of the bugs in the interior.
      Actually, Left mirrors work but you have to face him to be able to make him to work.
      It’s 3D level and I don’t know anything about it. If someone would help, that’s gonna be nice.
      Thanks for you bugs report, I’ll fix them in next version 😉

  3. Really nice detailed model, but it’s obviously that the phsics is really horroble, no car can be drived that way in real world. the sound sounds a little bit weired.Nice work any way~

  4. The car is cool but not as something to do with physics Could someone verify this?
    Test HD

  5. Adrian G.

    Nice Jeep transformation, finally a decent sound also, at least please get rid off that funny farting sound when you shift gears.

    Excellent work though and truly impressive car. Keep it up.

    1. Thanks 😉
      The “fart” sounds came from the real car when he shift.
      You can take a look at this vid to understand :
      But I’ll turn it off as a separate mod or I could make it more silent.

  6. cartester

    my car flips over and there are sound bugs: sometimes the sound of the whole game doesn’t work

  7. cartester

    Since i added the mod, i have sound bugs while i’m driving this car; sometimes the whole sound of the game is mute.
    The car rolls over if i try to steer.

    1. I’ve modified sound definition to be able to add a chime inside that make some weird thing to others vehicles. Gonna be removed in next version. I’ll also work on physics 😉

  8. Hello! This is one of the best modes in my life! But have some problems…if you know please fix it.
    1. I need more stability for car!
    2.Lower prices for repair!
    When you fixed its i play only this car!

  9. Hello!One of the best mods in my life! But the mode have some “problems”:
    1. I need more stability for car!
    2. Lower price for repair!
    Good Luck!

  10. HD Test Video:

  11. gracias deveras mil gracias y sobre todo por no ponerlo con contraseña ke parecen lelos!!!! con la contraseña .

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