Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 v 1.5

jeep-grand-cherokee-srt8-2 jeep-grand-cherokee-srt8-1 jeep-grand-cherokee-srt8-3

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Changelog V1.2 -> V1.5

– Flags DLC ready.
– Add 3 Type Beacon
– Add Roof Griil
– Template
– Cabin accessories DLC ready
– More Paintjob.
– Metallic paint ready
– Update To Version 1.25

Changelog V1.1 -> V1.2
-ADD New Interior
-Add Trailer By Roadhunter
-And More
Changelog V1.0 -> V1.1
– Update To Version 1.23
– Standalone
– Paint metallic
– Lightmask
– DLC Cabin Accessories
– Interior
– Sound
– Wheel

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The mod is tested in 1.25 without any other mods and it worked perfectly


Taina95 kirill73rus


9 thoughts on “Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 v 1.5

  1. the car is shaking when im use..
    what the problem

    1. Piratxxx11

      with your hands 😀 im use..not problems…. 😉 Thanks ….

    2. Thats because your probably using a realistic physics mod. And this requires default physics or if else someone updates it with this car. Or just any mod that can impact physics can be the problem

  2. Piratxxx11

    More Thanks Tania… 😉 Good work with rework this car…

  3. This car as come a long way from when I first seen it and driven it good work but the engine spec is wrong for the car, It is powered by a 6.4 l Hemi V8 with 475 HP, hope to see the car with the right engine

  4. this vehicle has 8,000Nm torque.

    holy ####.

  5. it means 816.3kg.f torque

  6. Great work, Taina95.

    I have tried various kinds of cars in ETS2, and I must say you have done a great job on this Jeep. This is – by far – the best car mod out there and the most realistic experience I’ve tried.

    Keep up the good work. I hope you’ll make a car mod for some smaller car as well some time in the future.


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