Jetbus 3 SHD

Indonesian bus, one of newest bus in indonesian from adiputro carosery that is Jetbus 3 SHD, with right hand
– 2 interior with 2 anim spidometer Hino RK8 and RN285
– 10 skinpack
– accesories seat
– accecories led
tested in Euro truck SImulator 2 v.1.30

Yuli Indrayana


16 thoughts on “Jetbus 3 SHD

  1. which showroom ?

    1. Dealer DAF

  2. RiflerGamer

    Nice bus!
    Test video:

    1. Can you give me the password please ???

  3. What is the password ???

  4. Thumbs Up! for Author, yeay!

    next update with Left hand drive please

    1. it is an indonesian bus body, from adiputro carroserie….

  5. What is the password

  6. Saif Addin

    Work 1.25?

  7. Indramawan

    This is one of the best free bus mod from Indonesia I ever drive..
    Nice job….

  8. what is password

  9. Aditiya ANS

    Mod updated, check Yuli Indrayana on youtube site

  10. saya ingin jet bus 2

  11. ihsaan ali

    i activate bus mods. but no bus show in dealer ;i am at 01 level ;
    please reply early

  12. What is password

  13. what’s the password

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