Jetbus 3 SHD

Indonesian bus, one of newest bus in indonesian from adiputro carosery that is Jetbus 3 SHD, with right hand
– 2 interior with 2 anim spidometer Hino RK8 and RN285
– 10 skinpack
– accesories seat
– accecories led
tested in Euro truck SImulator 2 v.1.30

Yuli Indrayana


14 Responses to Jetbus 3 SHD

  1. MAX3661 says:

    which showroom ?

  2. RiflerGamer says:

    Nice bus!
    Test video:

  3. John says:

    What is the password ???

  4. roy says:

    Thumbs Up! for Author, yeay!

    next update with Left hand drive please

  5. Naldo says:

    What is the password

  6. Saif Addin says:

    Work 1.25?

  7. Indramawan says:

    This is one of the best free bus mod from Indonesia I ever drive..
    Nice job….

  8. sid says:

    what is password

  9. Aditiya ANS says:

    Mod updated, check Yuli Indrayana on youtube site

  10. dede says:

    saya ingin jet bus 2

  11. ihsaan ali says:

    i activate bus mods. but no bus show in dealer ;i am at 01 level ;
    please reply early

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