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Jeyjey-16 Addons for DLC Cab v 3.8.1

addons-for-dlc-cab-3 addons-for-dlc-cab-2 addons-for-dlc-cab-1

This mods add +/- 30 scarfs, +/- 30 pennants, several 3D objects, News slots glass for all trucks, new sets dashbord for all trucks, some trucks have new curtains.

This mod work with all base truck + Mercedes Antos by DANZ, Mercedes Actros MPIII by MTP, Scania t and rs by RJL, Sisu R500 by RJL, DAF XF by 50Keda, Man TGA, Man TGS, Man TGX E5 and E6 by MADster, DAF E6 and VOLVO FH16 by Ohaha, Volvo VNL, Mercedes Actros and Arocs SLT, Scania V8 Megamod by VINZEL

This mod also rework iveco hiway (remove sideskirt on 4*2, added set dashboard..) and iveco stralis (added set dashboard)

There are only one version, English people must addapt and see what is compatible or not, in next version I try to fix slots for english cab’ All slots glass working for English cab

For the table on truck, I know it’s whorehouse but I can’t make otherwise.

Why not add curtains for all trucks? Because some trucks have stock curtains, they look ugly when I added new curtains.

New in V3.8.1 > FIX for 1.25.X version of ETS2

Add compatibility for Big Star Actros and Acros SLT by Thunderhawk

Add compatibility for Scania Megamod by Vinzel

Add compatinility for TGS table by MADster

FIX Iveco stralis and hiway

This mod is still WIP but actually I don’t have time to modding

Made with blender2scs

Intellect credit return to SiSL for idea of custom files for addons DLC cab

Full compatible with SiSL megapack

This mod is still in development but actualy I really don’t have any time for modding!

! Need all files on the archive !


!Only for 1.25 or highter!

Authors: jeyjey-16, Eugene,AlexeyP, Bogdan Kasalap, daf1, SrqN, HEMPAM Group, daftruckcool, Robertas,Grepo, Elaman, Shanson, Vlasta, Solaris36, Niksarli, jgut(Ashtray), Van graff, colo1627, furkan61, Modders Team Poland,TosteR, Seraoki, Kirill.Mladshev, Ton, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 91 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 91 MB [Uploadfiles]

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20 Responses to Jeyjey-16 Addons for DLC Cab v 3.8.1

  1. jabu says:


  2. honx says:

    do i need jeyjey-16_dlc_addons_custom.scs in mod folder and activated if i don’t customize anything?

  3. daddy says:

    still having trouble with attaching iveco to trailers 🙁

  4. Baby says:

    When I disable this mod whenever I don’t want it, the items are still there. I deleted all the files for this and the items are still there. HELP?

  5. lexik223 says:

    Those side curtains R not working for MAN Trucks. 😉

    • lexik223 says:

      Ohh, I’m sorry, I read it now. But I think, that I’m not the only one, who would like side curtains for all trucks. 😉

  6. JoachimK says:

    Hello, jeyjey,
    first I wish merry Christmas.

    I have a Problem with the Repaint of the Custom Scarf.
    Just trying about some Hours, I´ve got every time the Scarf “Skin”. 🙁
    Naturally I´m working with your Template and done it as in the Description.
    But all the Time the same Result.
    Now I stop to going on and I want to ask you for Help.
    Thank you for your answer.

  7. mat55111 says:

    Jest problem,ponieważ jak mam ten mod to wszystkie ciężarówki marki IVECO mają… usunięte kierownice i czerwone osł‚ony.
    Dziękuję za Twoją odpowiedź.

  8. wtf says:

    The damn Iveco stuff needs to be removed…
    This mod is for interior addons, no truck mods… Please get rid of it, I want my stock Iveco and the extra stuff!

  9. babadodo60 says:


  10. ASDASD says:

    It be this mod, which messes up mi ivecos? (steering wheel missing, can’t attach trailers etc…) Update?? 🙂

  11. Bercik says:

    Can you add full curtain to VOLVO FH4 or MAN TGX ??? It was good if you add this

  12. Hinako says:

    dashcam,can you make big size?now too small i can’t see@@

  13. Frei.Wilder says:

    Könnten sie beim nächsten Update auch für den DAF Stanley machen Bitte??

  14. nick says:

    will this work for 1.27 or higher?

  15. sebbe says:

    Can u update so it will work on 1.27?

  16. simon008 says:

    1.27 ?

  17. muckel says:

    the mod works but i have a lot of warning, please make update to new 1.27 version! thanks

  18. Maxymiliang says:


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