Jeyjey-16 Addons for DLC Cab v 3.8

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This mods add +/- 30 scarfs, +/- 30 pennants, several 3D objects, News slots glass for all trucks, new sets dashbord for all trucks, some trucks have new curtains.

This mod work with all base truck + Mercedes Antos by DANZ, Mercedes Actros MPIII by MTP, Scania t and rs by RJL, Sisu R500 by RJL, DAF XF by 50Keda, Man TGA, Man TGS, Man TGX E5 and E6 by MADster, DAF E6 and VOLVO FH16 by Ohaha, Volvo VNL

This mod also rework iveco hiway (remove sideskirt on 4*2, added set dashboard..) and iveco stralis (added set dashboard)

There are only one version, English people must addapt and see what is compatible or not, in next version I try to fix slots for english cab’ All slots glass working for English cab

For the table on truck, I know it’s whorehouse but I can’t make otherwise.

Why not add curtains for all trucks? Because some trucks have stock curtains, they look ugly when I added new curtains.

New in V3.8 > Add icons for all objects.

New dashboard slots for some trucks.

Add new compatibility for truck (Volvo by Peerke145, Mercedes Antos by DANZ and Man TGS by MADster).

New table for Mercedes MPIII, Mercedes MP4 and for DAF XF E5 and E6.

Fix side curtains scale for Magnum, Scania, Mercedes.

Add new scarf (Russia)

Add new pennant (DAF)

Add new 3D objects

Add a new file > “jeyjey_custom”. With this file you can customize some objects like scarfs, pennants, cups and more.

This mod is still WIP.

Made with blender2scs

Big thanks to AlexeyP to give me his HD textures for iveco hiway and iveco stralis!

Intellect credit return to SiSL for idea of custom files for addons DLC cab

For no experiment user, take the time to read the readme on jeyjey-16 custom file to know how made skin

Thanks to not reupload!



Authors: jeyjey-16, Eugene,AlexeyP, Bogdan Kasalap, daf1, SrqN, HEMPAM Group, daftruckcool, Robertas,Grepo, Elaman, Shanson, Vlasta, Solaris36, Niksarli, jgut, Van graff, colo1627, furkan61, Modders Team Poland,TosteR, Seraoki, Kirill.Mladshev, Ton, SCS Software

DOWNLOAD 131 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 131 MB [Uploadfiles]

25 Responses to Jeyjey-16 Addons for DLC Cab v 3.8

  1. SilvaTrucker says:

    Thank you very much for the Via Verde!!

  2. Nelson says:

    Work with sis’l accesoire ?

  3. Dawid says:

    For only 1.23 version? Its work on 1.22?

  4. Theosz says:

    exists some problem in when I try to clean up the manifest I’ve got error message about way of compressing

    • jeyjey-16 says:

      Wgy you want “clean up” manifest? If you want make a skin open my mod, go on folder of the item and replace the skin in textures, all is explain on readme.txt

      • Theosz says:

        Trucks – DLC Cabin Accessories v3.8 by Jeyjey-16& #1
        Trucks – DLC Cabin Accessories v3.8 by Jeyjey-16& #2

        for internal names . Much better because I have a syntax to names.

        The problem is 7-zip. Winrar ok.

  5. Piratxxx11 says:

    work good.. REALLY GOOD JOB !! Thanks 🙂

  6. Mrunkept says:

    Hi, really great mod!!! 🙂 How can i put my personal pennant?

  7. Ata5ll says:

    Hey man, love the job mod, been using it since the first one.
    One request though..

    Mario & Luigi are my favourite ones because my brother (who died last year) didn’t play anything else then Mario… But he was a true Yoshi fan… Could you please add a Yoshi? Preferable green. I know it’s alot asked… But you would also please my mother with it!

    And i’m not trying to play any cards here, just a request and my reasons 😀

    Greets man!

  8. Alex says:

    What I want to say (objects or ideas to add in the next release)

    -Portable TV
    -Slot for 2nd bed (for trucks with 2 beds)
    -Free camera (to move everywere in the cabin)
    -Steering wheel cover
    -More type of refreshners for grid from it come air
    -A 2nd table with slots located between seats (a nice idea excusevly if you make some food, dishes etc.
    -Make sticky notes (it’s perfect for the slots of windshield preferable purple, yellow
    -More toys (like bears mice) Scooby-Doo, Tom and Jerry toys
    -Shoes,Clothes and Vest (i recomend to put vest on right seat like a men wearing one)
    AND THIS IS MY IDEA!!!!!!!

  9. Artur Kozoriz says:

    Please, make a video wher you explain how to make your own skin.
    Many people will be grateful.

  10. Ariefals says:

    PLEEEEASE make this mod for right hand side driver…!


  11. Hanter says:

    Please make this mod for MAN TGX New GPS + Info Screen


  12. Kiril says:

    Can you make cross light in next update?

  13. Karols says:

    Can you make cross lightin next update?

  14. Karols says:


  15. RomanianTrucker7 says:

    Hi JeyJey could you add the white Viatoll or add more ViaToll options please

  16. Ogurek says:

    Which VNL is supported? ?

  17. lean says:

    My game takes him not do you know how to do it

  18. gabriel says:

    still works on 1.27

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