John Pearce combo skin pack


John Pearce skins for DAF truck and Stokes trailer.
Author: Millsyb


3 thoughts on “John Pearce combo skin pack

  1. **********

    Ripped this skin too, Theiveing #####

  2. Lewis Harris

    Oii ! Who do you think you are, Millsyb (Brett as his real name) has worked extremely hard at this work and you go ahead and say stuff like that. People like you are why not many of us release our mods cause we can’t trust them ! So get your facts right

  3. Millsyb, ignore the comments about your work, this type of person tries to make you look bad only because they do not have the brain power to learn to do the skins etc themselfs, I am a fan of your work as are a lot of people on my forums and alot of others, keep up the good work you are a inspiration to unskiller skinners like myself

    [email protected]

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