Johndoe SiCKX – Ray Tracing ReShade Preset LuxuS – v1.7

Built on the concept “less is more” JD6 LuxuS preset is the definitive way to enhance how ETS 2 looks. There are no silly unrealistic overblown AO effects or weird reflections/artifacting as most amateurs produce. Various carefully adjusted presets are included to match your PC’s level of performance. The lowest recommended GPU is an Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti 4GB or its AMD equivalent but you can try it with even lower end video cards.

ChangeLog JD6 “LuxuS”

-New approach to visuals
-Performance adjustments
-New Shaders
-Ray Traced Global Illumination

-multiple changes to the RTGI shader



-tweaks to the RTGI shader
-further adjustments across all 4 included presets


-added experimental RadiantGI Preset

Johndoe SiCKX


5 thoughts on “Johndoe SiCKX – Ray Tracing ReShade Preset LuxuS – v1.7

  1. How can work ray tracing on the Game Engine of the last century? Fake, Deception

    1. 0veRTRucK

      Is just “marketing”.

      1. AdvancedCharlie

        How is it marketing when you aren’t buying the mod?

  2. I used this on RX 570 4GB and its awesome gameplay with this preset.
    Used it by app.

  3. The game doesn’t support RayTracing, and I doubt it will in a long time. It is an outdated and poorly optimized graphics engine. Whatever type of ReShade is applied, it’s just a cosmetic filter.

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