Johndoe Sickx – ReShade Preset v 2.0 – fakeDX11

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My last version of ReShade for ETS2.
Works on any game version, including v1.32… multiple presets adjusted for various climate mods. ENJOY!

Johndoe Sickx


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8 thoughts on “Johndoe Sickx – ReShade Preset v 2.0 – fakeDX11

  1. whats the name of the truck?

    1. Madster’s MAN.

  2. мод улет,забрал,советую.

    1. Карен

      Попробую тоже, заменю решейдеры Некст ген на этот

  3. iTzSplashed

    Looking awesome! Thats why i like it that ets2 supports dx12 now!

  4. Сергей

    HDR нужно выключить ? Или оставить включенным ?

    1. HDR On. There is a HDR OFF Preset as well.

  5. Gdzie wrzucic preset?/

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