Jules Bianchi Tribute Trailer

Jules Bianchi (1) Jules Bianchi (2)

I made this skin as a tribute to Jules Bianchi who unfortunately passed away on 17-7-2015
Jules was a great formula 1 driver and everyone loved him.
Tested it on 1.18

Please give me credits if you upload this to another ets2 mod site!!

Author: Marvin


5 thoughts on “Jules Bianchi Tribute Trailer

  1. Thank you. RIP Jules

  2. jeanmichel

    Merci pour ce bel hommage

  3. tribute to Jules Bianchi


  4. Ciao artist, gives hello to Ayrton and told him that he too is has not forgotten …
    Tanks for this trailer.

  5. Thank you for the tribute, it is a detail to admire.

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