Jumbo Trailers Pack v 2.0


Tested in version 1.13.x
Trailers are standalone
Compatible with all packs trailers

Authors: Rommi TZ Hommers, Fred_be


14 thoughts on “Jumbo Trailers Pack v 2.0

  1. Thank you fred king of a skinner 🙂

  2. can you make also a skin from bolk to the scania streamliner for punisher ?

  3. Fred be, should I have earlier version (Jumbo Trailers Pack v 1.0) to have all skins including UPS, DHL, DPD, Cola etc.? Or I should download only that (v2) version?

  4. If you want both yes you have to download the V1 but you can take the V2
    They are compatible with each other

    1. That was my question, too.
      Thanks Fred! Keep up your work!

  5. Tested in version 1.13.x
    Trailers are standalone

    good job fred, Thanksz again

  6. Thanks Fred nice work as always

  7. Do you have a bolk skin for the volvo or daf?

    1. Beunhaasje

      i want it to if tou have it 🙂

  8. fernando gustavo mata

    fred_be that the difference between v1 and v2

  9. trailerlover

    thank you so mutch

  10. Deputy1984

    Hi Fred_be,

    If I could get you some pictures of a jumbo trailer of a company that is near me would you be able to make it?


  11. thank yuo for adding these wonderfull trailer skins, especially toyota material hanling

  12. marvelous mod, just litle correcting need for Toyota forklift trailer, it missing actual toyota material handling company logo

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