Jurassic Roads Map Save Game Profile ETS2 1.43

Here you have a Save Profile for Jurassic Roads Map for ets2 1.43

– Money
– All skills
– Garages
– All Truck dealers
– Level 75
– All cities discovered



9 thoughts on “Jurassic Roads Map Save Game Profile ETS2 1.43

  1. bi mini cooper yapmadınız laaa

    1. Proximity

      Can you shut the f**k up? I see your same comment on every mod post

      1. calm down bro :D:DD:D

      2. Yes .. ### me too. I see him everywhere asking for the Mini cooper

  2. Ban Army Gaming

    How TO Copy Past This Mod

  3. where can find the map download

    1. Paid Map Mod,watch video for all information about map

    2. A_C_Muller

      Were waiting for one person to buy it, then release it for free for the rest of the world!

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