Jyki Timber Trailer v 1.3.3 [18.05.’19]

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Tested on 1.34.
Owned JYKI Timber Trailer
2 type of chassis (dolly/tandem)
Advanced coupling
Own Cargo & Wheels

Keep in mind that I am an amateur.
Respect my work by keeping the original links.

Version 1.3.3. :
Crash Fixed
1.3.3. CARGO FIX


Teklic, Zeeuk1


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2 thoughts on “Jyki Timber Trailer v 1.3.3 [18.05.’19]

  1. Oliver Nilsson

    Hey I have a problem with this mod that my last 4 wheels is a driffrent type then the 4 in the front. What I mean with this is that the wheels are to big for the wheels house and therfor loks wierd pls help.

    1. is this mod free to downlod

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