K Realistic Economy Mod v 1.2


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Compatibility: 1.26.xx.
Version: 1.2

Changelog 1.2:
Added wear and tear data.
Reduced wear for engine, transmission and tires.
Reduced damage factor for Cabin, Chassis and Transmission.
Tires will last +/- 30.000km before replacement is needed.
Initial loan increased for 250.000 EUR. (after 50 jobs maintained)
Overdraft duration increased to 10 days. (prior 5 days)
Reworked (again) CoInsurance. Minimum value is now 2.500 EUR (prior 500). Increased evaluation ratio factors. Changes will be even more noticiable, mainly when it increases, a.k.a. slop driving.
Reduced average speed for expected time for deliveries calculations to meet the AETR (European agreement concerning the work of crews of vehicles engaged in
international road transport) regulations. Original value was 62km/h, now 40km/h.
Experience Points for parking per difficulty added to the code.
Cargo Max damage increased to 20% before voiding the entire job contract (was 6%). 195 EUR deducted from payment for every 1 % of damage.

Changelog 1.1.1:
Fixed abnormal France’s toll behavior. If toll places do not charge you, it’s a map related problem. The prices for the new toll places are set in map files not in definitions files.

Changelog 1.1:
Speeding ticket price increased to 30 EUR (prior 10 EUR).
Speeding ticket probability is now 90% to simulate non-functional or broken radars.
Hired drivers will now quit on the 10th day if no truck assigned to them. This will allow truck reassignment between hired drivers with full leveled “distance” skill.
CoInsurance minimal payment is now 500 EUR (prior 200 EUR). Insurance evaluation rate are now more noticiable.

Changelog 1.0:
Real Fuel Prices from Dec 3 2016.
Increased “No lights lights at night” traffic fine to 20 EUR (prior, 15 EUR).
Added information about CoInsurance in mod description and readme.
Semaphore yellow light time increased to 4 seconds interval to reduce red light fines due no enough brake distance.
Included fines information sources inside the package.

Changelog 0.9.1:
Added Coinsurance (Thanks Piva)
Added new information in “mod_description.txt” and “readme.txt” about changes made by this mod.

This mod is designed for maximum realistic simulation purposes.
Keep in mind that every career is hard at the beginning and the $$ are low. Every mistake can cost you more than a few $$.
Enjoy the journey, get experience and conquer the road transportation empire.

This mod changes:

– General income
– Costs
– Fuel prices
– Loans
– Garage productive goals
– Truck wear and tear
– Add CoInsurance (reduce repair costs according with your driving habits)
– Police Fines prices
– Skill Progression
– Cargo Validity
– Hired drivers experience evolution

Please, check readme.txt (inside the package) or Mod Description for detailed information about the changes made by this mod.

For 1.25 compatibility use this link: http://sharemods.com/83mvxel9lqs1/K_Realistic_Economy_Mod_V1.2_for_1.25.scs.html

Keep Truckin’



3 thoughts on “K Realistic Economy Mod v 1.2

  1. ElvisAmorimGA

    Como vai companheiro Kablowsky, a cada atualização você me surpreende a propósito obrigado pelo apoio em tentar adaptar alguns itens seus em meu pacote Brasileiro, consegui tirar um bom conteúdo e adaptar, como se disse antes gostaria de ver meu trabalho, estou deixando o link do MOD para sua avaliação, espero que goste: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=835622339

    Sucesso e um forte abraço.

  2. kablowsky

    Fico feliz em poder contribuir.

    Sucesso ao seu Mod!


  3. Legendskills

    Super mod love it! One thing I would like to see because eventually your main income will be other drivers no matter what..
    I’m more of a solo guy myself on MP I never hire drivers and I buy my own garages does it take long yes with getting hit ###### accidents and buying and upgrading garages lv 82 and still not own 50 garages..
    So would it be possible to see a level bonus come back some point or something or an option within the mod to turn it on or off?

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