K.T. Parker Transport Combo


K.T. Parker Transport skin for Scania R Topline (using GT Mike’s full paint mod) plus Profiliner Trailer.

Unzip & drop in your mod folder & you are good to go.




15 thoughts on “K.T. Parker Transport Combo

  1. nice mod, but the skin of the truck is not there.

    I’m sorry for the incorrect English- Ciao

    1. speedy143

      zoos you are right, I will re-upload to the same link when get home tonight.
      Sorry about that.

  2. Ok Speedy 143 Ciao ciaoz

  3. speedy143

    Link now updated, sorry about that (Doh!!!!)

  4. TruckerGirl

    I downloaded from the new link and it is still only the trailer… Is there another link for the truck skin?

  5. speedy143

    Link now definatly working..

    1. TruckerGirl

      The top link is 1.79 MB…. Which was the original size… I have just downloaded it again and it’s still only the trailer 🙁
      I can’t be doing something wrong… ?? 🙂

  6. same problem just trailer

  7. When I download it it says Parker Transport TRAILER not company as it should say if there was a truck skin in it, although a great trailer skin

  8. speedy143

    Re-named mod & re-uploaded:


    Don’t know whats happened some people have downloaded it OK as I have seen it on World of Trucks. Let me know if it is still not working and I will upload again.

    1. TruckerGirl

      Nope… that link still is only the trailer… it is 2,881 KB in size… Same as you uploaded first 🙁

  9. The link works perfectly, the skin truck and enclosed in single file,

  10. OverSpeed RO

    this is awesome….thank you very much !

  11. just the trailer skin in the mod. please advise.

  12. volvo scania

    can we still download this?

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