Kacper’s Engine Pack – V2.38 – Halloween Edition

Kacper’s Engine Pack Modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (V1.28)

Hello, this is an engine pack which is compatible with 57 different trucks including the standard ones from SCS. Some engines recieved custom sound but most are stock. Badges are compatible with all trucks that have them. You can support me by not reuploading this modification, thats all I want. So here it is :

New in V2.38 – Halloween Edition
-Special Edition for Halloween
-Added compatibility for Volvo FH2013 by Ohaha
-New Engine + V8 Engine Sound for the Scania T
-Fixed badges for Daf XF 105
-Added custom sound for one engine on the Daf XF 105
-Removed Custom Loading Screen

V2.43 – Released on the 14th of November – New sound, New engines with the sound and much more !

This modification is compatible with all your favourite trucks, Every update new trucks are being added and bugs are getting fixed.
If you like an engine mod which is realistic then you should try this out.

Official Download Sites
1. SCS Forum (Download Site)
2. ETS2.lt (Download Site)
3. Sharemods.com (Download link)

Load Order
This mod has its own special load order due to overwriting done to the def files, This mod has
to go on “TOP” of all your favourite “TRUCKS” or else the mod will not function properly.
EXAMPLE : Some things like badges, Sound and even engines could be missing.

A special thanks to Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith and Kriechbaum for the V8 sound for the Scania.


© Kacperth Workshop 2017, All rights reserved

Kacperth Workshop, Zeeuk1, Rupert Smith, Kriechbaum, SCS Software


10 thoughts on “Kacper’s Engine Pack – V2.38 – Halloween Edition

  1. tunning6000

    amazing job,thanks

    1. 🙂

    2. Hi Kacperth, will you help me with a password, i want to change one engine i like, the 950 Hp, i want to reduse the Nm on it and up the Hp. to get it to work 100 to my gearbox settings i need to do this. Hope you can help, thanks.

  2. super!

    1. Thanks 🙂

  3. Very good, as all your Packs. Thank you. 🙂

    1. Thanks for the feeback 😀

  4. Daniel1258

    Cool you have plans to update this mod with new companies.


    1. No sorry, I have closed the mod a few months ago. This means it is no longer updated. 🙂

      1. Daniel1258


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