Kamaz 43-63-65 Offroad [1.27.x]

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1 cabins
4 chassis (1 of them bdf)
16 engines (5 YAMZ, 6 KAMAZ, 5 Cummins)
7 kpp
Your salon (4 variants of braid)
Their sounds
Own wheels
A lot of tyuning
Supports DLC Cabin Accessories

Changes: Adaptation for 1.27, updated all 3D models for a new patch, fixed small bugs in the log!

Inside the archive lie: KamAZ, the skin “Dirt”
It is desirable to use this KamAZ on off-road maps or with an off-package trailer

Game version 1.27

Koral, adaptation for 1.26: _69_mf_, adaptation for 1.27 – Phantom94, vovangt4



6 thoughts on “Kamaz 43-63-65 Offroad [1.27.x]

  1. good truck,but no sound….only this truck no [email protected]@

  2. shojiki123

    same like older kamaz just one problem, the rear fender is stuck if i want lift stock trailer,. sorry my bad english

  3. pls add bus category

  4. Beta version ?…I get weird colours after 5 minutes

  5. Where to Find the truck?
    wish dealer?

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