KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 v1.43.x (UPD: 2022.02.15)

Fixed too bright light on the windshield.
The sun’s rays now fall into the interior evenly.
Fixed a defect of sunlight that was reflected incorrectly from the GPS navigator monitor.
Fixed the sound of the retarder and some exhaust sounds.
Converted some 3D models of the truck.
The log in the game is now 100% clean. 🙂

Have a nice game and have a good trip!

Author : Nikola_Donbass.
Authors of some used 3D models: Stas556, Vita1980.
Author of adaptation and conversion of 3D Models: MaxX_AGENT.



4 thoughts on “KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 v1.43.x (UPD: 2022.02.15)

  1. AvM Transport

    Yep, the log is really clean! Great work!

    First time I downloaded, because Road to Asia ^^

  2. Eu Driver

    Thanks 🙂 good mod

  3. seth_haveron

    got to confirm that …. only the collision box of the wheels are wierd …

    and the shadows of truck and trailer are missplaced
    the truck got a additional shadow like its a 3 axle rear

    and the shadows of the trailer are infront of the wheels instead of inline with them.

    this need to be fixed it look unfinished

  4. for some reasons when i try to purchase it the skin just doesn’t load. The model of the truck is all black

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