KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 v1.43.x

Adapted for version: 1.43.x.
Support for DLC Cabin Accessories + add-ons from STEAM.
It has its own mini tuning.
Autonomous and is bought at a Volvo dealership and KamAZ Modifications.
It has a chassis: 6×6 Tandem [Army type].
It has its own BDF Tandem [Army type] – it is bought at the dealer of modifications of trailers of the SZAP.

Added support for multiplayer with CONVOY mode.:)
Added high-quality sounds of KamAZ-2 type engines.:))
Added high-quality sound of the YAMZ-238 engine.:)
New animation in the interior.:)
Updated interior, camera and added new wheels.
Added 4 modes of operation of windscreen wipers.
Fixed the sound of reverberation in the interior [1.43.x].:)
Animation of windows is present, but only in the interior.:)
Fixed GPS navigation in the interior.:)
Added an onboard computer in the interior.:)
Added a new lighting format for the truck.
Improved truck lighting in the near and far distance.:)
Fixed in dealership and desktope.:)
Cosmetic cleaning of the 3D model from excess debris.:)
The log in the game is 100% clean. 🙂

Have a nice game and have a good road!

Author : Nikola_Donbass.
Authors of some used 3D models: Stas556, Vita1980.
Author of adaptation: MaxX_AGENT.




7 thoughts on “KamAZ 43101 Army ETS2 v1.43.x

  1. Kamaz Truck Driving In Muddy Road video review


    8×8 version of this truck should be in SnowRunner.

  3. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 // KamAZ 43101 Army Rigid Truck [1.43]

  4. Use winter physics mod and go to Iceland with this monster.
    This is very fun 🙂 Example, death road from Akureyri to Vik. Or new road to Nordurfjördur.

  5. Can this be used to haul other trailers

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