Kamaz 4326-43118-6350-65221 All Complect v 7.0

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– Standalone truck
– Volvo dealer
– One cabin
– Contains 4 variants of the chassis (4326, 43118, 6350 and 65221)
– A new variant of the interior (the steering wheel braid is changing)
– Own engines (19 pieces)
– Own checkpoint (15 pieces)
– Own Sounds
– Own Animation
– Own Physics
– Huge tuning (external and internal in the interior)
– Front and rear mudguards, passengers in the cabin are animated
– Full support for DLC Cabine Accessories
In the archive the adaptation file to 1.31 – _Kamaz_8x1_Koral_shilov977_fix_1.31.zip
New sounds – _Kamaz_8x1_Koral_new_sound.zip
For version 1.30-1.31-1.32



5 thoughts on “Kamaz 4326-43118-6350-65221 All Complect v 7.0

  1. mod corrupted

  2. mod didn’t corrupted. This mod for 1.31 and don’t have fix for 1.32

  3. Czy pod naczepe tez jest czy tylko to co pokazane 2 foty

  4. This mod no working game version 31
    please update this mod thanks !

  5. AnotherGermanFool

    the mod work for 1.32? because the truck doesnt show up at the Volvo dealers (Big and Small)

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