Kamaz 53212-5410 for 1.26

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Buy in showroom VOLVO!
* ONLY For Versions 1.23.x, 1.24.x, 1.25.x, and [1.26.x.]
* Tested in version:

* 3 cabin
* 2 chassis – 6×4; 6×6:
* 5 of the engine + 2 NEW Engine (750HP & 1000HP )
* 4 for the transmission (2 KAMAZ, 1 JAMZ and one PowerShift)
* 2 NEW Transmission (10_speed_s; 10_speed_sr – OFFROAD)
* Your salon
* Only automatic a hitch with a trailer!
* Added Real Wheels!
* Real sound Kamaz
* Fixed Camera
* Fixed Physics Truck

MaxaGent, Stas556


11 thoughts on “Kamaz 53212-5410 for 1.26

  1. HD video Test: youtube.com/watch?v=bVtdD_v5Jnk&feature=youtu.be

    1. GamerLionfish

      What transmission/shifting option via E.T.S.2 do you use to change gears & to accelerate & brake the truck? I tried it with sequential & it did absolutely nothing; it didn’t really accelerate & sometimes, even on neutral or any other gear that wasn’t reverse, it backs up entirely unexpected. I experienced this exact same problem with the M.A.Z 504B & even the Kam.A.Z 65111. Please help me. Thanks, a lot.

  2. Harvester_of_Pain


  3. GamerLionfish

    Please remove that annoying lady with bagel plate & flies model from the mod. Thanks. Otherwise, very nice mod.

  4. sofianinho

    Remove the girl or make her optional, it’s doesn’t make sense to force people to have a passanger. Thank’s.

  5. About that ‘passenger woman’:
    Why you all deny to have a passenger onboard?
    She says nothing – she is just beside you – so much to fear for?
    Hahahaaa – For me it’s totally okay if she is with me…….so the long journey is not that boring….she even presents some baked plates – if you feel hungry……..
    So dear uploader – you thought right and you ARE right to place that good woman on the passenger seat…..thx for that……!

    1. GamerLionfish

      Fair enough. I think that the best compromise should be to make her optional.

  6. Специальная бонусная программа. Купи грузовик – баба в подарок)))

  7. Купи бубльик, мама Люба в подарок! 🙂

  8. Special bonus! Buy this truck and get a #### beside you!!!

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