Kamaz 53212 + 83571 v 2.0

Kamaz-53212-+-83571-1 Kamaz-53212-+-83571-2 Kamaz-53212-+-83571-3

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– 3 type of cabin
– 7 types of truck bodies
– Spelled out in a separate slot
– Sold in the Daf
– Trailer replaces cement, aero_dynamic, krone coolliner, krone profiliner
– The lights are burning texture
– Fixed bugs
– Full zapacka
– Added accessories
– 2 the type of the bumper

Modification is allowed
Version 1.21.0

Author Wheels: BrUISeR and four-wheel drive KrAZ , Envelope in ets 2: Nikita Belkin Author Interior: Stas556, author bases trailer: by maz_man, author alteration: [email protected]_1996.


10 thoughts on “Kamaz 53212 + 83571 v 2.0

  1. Furkan149


  2. Бродяга

    хаххахахах,слили всё таки!Респект Вам!

    1. Так то, я официально выложил, он всегда был реализным, никогда не был приватом

      1. Бродяга

        ссорян!Ты есть в вк?напиши мне !

  3. All the trucks & gameplay movie 🙂

  4. КамАЗ 53212 + СЗАП 83571 v3.0

  5. Blaziken777Sverige

    Very nice mod and i really love this truck 🙂

  6. Chris94_NOR

    Very good truck. Also working in 1.22

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