Kamaz 53229 Lesovoz for 1.26

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– Find in Volvo Dealer
– Standalone
– 1 Cabin
– 1 Chassis
– 3 Engines
– 4 Transmissions
– Interior
– Real Wheels
– Real Kamaz Sound
– Paintable in Mettalic Colors
– Real Lightmask
– Little Tuning

Mr.Green, Vlad, Lexan, KaMaZ, MaxaGent


7 thoughts on “Kamaz 53229 Lesovoz for 1.26

  1. thanks works great

  2. JonTheVGNerd

    Doesn’t have the right name for it in the game.

  3. Обзор камаза для ETS2–https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fVlgmoR9SoI

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