Kamaz 54-64-65 1.30

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Fixed error with national flags on the patch 1.28.x
Fixed a bug with the nameplates of the driver
Added torque curves for engines KAMAZ
Working skins
The light in the cabin
Adaptation to 1.30
Autonomous, sold by Volvo dealer
One cab
8 chassis (2 of them bdf)
3 variants of the interior(changing the braiding of the steering wheel)
7 engines (4 KAMAZ, Cummins 3)
7 transmission
Their sounds
Your wheels (huge thanks _69_mf_
Huge tuning(interior and exterior – interior)
Front and rear mudguards with animation
Full support for DLC Cabin Accessories
There is the addition of “Dirt”

Koral, Phantom94




14 thoughts on “Kamaz 54-64-65 1.30

  1. 1. There is no place for Russian mods here from fake !
    2.You must have your own website!
    Do not try to earn money here like a shameful beggar!
    3.. Is a fake loading!

    1. hmm … Do you have something against the Russians? What they do not please you? Here, everyone has the right to upload mods, I ask you to follow your speech.

      1. emmanuil
        Googles translation kkk…
        It is worldwide to you have a claim and hatred always
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        1. Geez welling. So salty and so defensive it’s almost laughable. Just keep on crying, kid. We’re sure that you lack any modding talents like famous authors here.

    2. I’m very disturbed to see the written lines here.
      how can YOU (and other so called sofa-potatoes) be so arrogant to write such ###### lines here???
      Going to your 1st point:
      “1.There is no place for Russian mods here from fake !”
      Obviously you are too ###### to start your own research.
      Just go here:
      At top you take a look at the left side……………..
      and what do you see?
      The ‘aldimator’ is just not less than the DEVELOPER of all the famous RusMap series. So in short – a really honourable guy. who makes all the stuff available for free – including YOU!
      But you as proven blockhead just ignore the facts.
      Coming to your 2nd point:
      “2.You must have your own website!”
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      Are you a good heart? Yeah, like it.
      So then, do think first before you write some overhasty and ###### comments, I really please you.
      Wish all of you a good time here and a relaxing driving with any new mod.
      Don’t forget: There are numerous souls who develop new mods, good or not that good, but they do it always in their own free time over many hours of drawing, editing and fine tuning.
      So – do not forget their huge work, and maybe – just thank them.
      This is the right way to keep this website staying alive……
      Thanks to you………..

    3. ебало стяни .

  2. HD test video 1.30…

  3. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  4. AlexCrazy

    wrong link, same as this – https://ets2.lt/en/kamaz-53116-trailers/

    1. Yes, it’s an old(er) mod. Inside there is a KamAZ_54-64-65.scs from August 2017.

  5. Doktor_Psix

    Отличный Камаз!!!

  6. I’ve just tried this model. You’re able to see it after 1:15:00 in these video: https://youtu.be/wIjq4jmZCyI

  7. Sotka_GER

    My “Russian Beast” 😉 I like that KAMAZ! Thank you! большое спасибо!

  8. Lolaesder

    Where buy truck????

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