Kamaz 54-64-65

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Dealer Iveco.
Extensive amount of tuning, as well as trailers for a truck.
1 cab
4 chassis and much, much more you will see in the game itself. In addition, there is a fashion for dirt.




27 thoughts on “Kamaz 54-64-65

  1. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. jorgent97

      Dealer VOLVO

      1. Only a matter of time before hzhrm6 starts throwing a fit over posted videos again.

    2. Useless video

      1. Useless moron who can’t make better videos like everyone else. how pathetic.

        Let’s face it; no one even likes you.

      2. Sergio M.

        Seems Zed is right; you’re just throwing a fit like a kid, hzhrm6. Either make a video yourself or just GTFO.

        1. I’m throwing a fit because my parents can’t give me a video!!!!

    1. Hilalimsin

      Wrong link sorry guys delete link !! 🙁

      1. #### it. so that’s why?

  2. RiflerGamer

    Test on 1.30:

  3. Love your mods!
    Love Kamaz.
    Love Россия

  4. How I wish SCS would implement trailer ownership + possibility to load freight on rigid trucks. They strive for realism, this would help a lot!

  5. GamerLionfish

    Why won’t the game recognize the truck when I officially load onto my mod manager?: When I put them in & click confirm, they go back to becoming unconfirmed.

  6. Rukamlridma


  7. Rukamlridma

    Bro plz help me,i think you can do that plz make ashok layland viking bus mod ,plz plz plz

  8. So how do you get the ##### version?

  9. Hilalimsin

    Link ?

  10. that’s iveco or volvo dealer!!!!

  11. fatihoksuzoglu


  12. Jacky le routier

    Link if you can’t download from sharemods :


    1. Thank you so much…

  13. the file did expired

  14. please reload. i love this mod!!! Thanks

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