KamAZ 54-64-65 ETS2 v1.49.x +Addon

“Pack KamAZ for new versions of ETS2 1.49.x and higher.”
//In memory of Alexander Korolev under the nickname KORAL//

Autonomous, does not replace anything, can be purchased at dealers of KamAZ and VOLVO modifications.
KamAZ 6460 has 4 chassis and one cabin.
KamAZ 65221 has 4 chassis and one cabin.
Your own salon.
3 operating modes of windshield wipers.
3 high-quality KamAZ sounds in FMOD format.
Huge and rich tuning.
There are spiral cables with advanced physics.
There is animation of cables for trailers and BDF.
There is animation of both windows and handles.
Advanced hitch support.
Supports steering wheel adjustment.

Latest changes from 11/24/23:
A complete envelope of the entire 3D Model for version ETS2 1.49.
Removed old MAT files.
Improved some interior texture elements.
Curtains have been returned to the interior.
The camera radius in the interior has been changed to real.
Updated KamAZ sounds for all engines.
Updated sounds in the interior.
Updated for multiplayer with convoy mode.
Updated in dealers and truck gallery.
All errors from previous versions have been completely fixed!
Cleaned log up to 100% (percent)

Tested on ETS2 v1.49.x – (beta).
Also designed to work on version ETS2 1.48.x.x

This mod has been fully adapted to 1.49.x
Old versions are no longer supported.

AUTHOR: KORAL. //In memory of Alexander Korolev under the nickname KORAL//
Envelope of the entire 3D Model and animations for 1.49: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of army and rusty skins: @MaxX_Agent@.
Author of addons with beacons and headlights: @MaxX_Agent@.


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