Kamaz 5410


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It is found in Renault Dealer. It is compatible with version 1.15.1 and the Hungary map.

Authors: JAWA, Giants Software, Oovee® Game Studios, Stas556, Mishanka, 7amoo


5 Responses to Kamaz 5410

  1. lambo603 says:

    Make stronger engine 2500 torque

  2. VelesM198 says:

    This is an outstanding mod! The truck looks phenomenal. Very nice selection of engines and transmissions. If you looking for realism, this mod is it. I’m looking forward to future updates, maybe with more add-ons. Outstanding work!

  3. agent911 says:

    compatible with version 1.15.1 – must be read as > compatible *only* with 1.15.1 and higher. Game will crash if any version below 1.15.1. That sucks ,because 1.12.1 best . No lags at all.

  4. Gabriel says:

    THE BEST MOD for ETS2!Agree with Veles this truck look very realistics!Tank you Guys!Great Job!

  5. Gabriel says:

    Update for 1,6?


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