KamAZ 5410 Modified oq37 ETS2 v1.45.+ Trailers

Autonomous, does not replace anything, is bought at dealers of KamAZ or VOLVO modifications.
It has one chassis and one cab.
Simple external tuning.
It has 6 varieties of road tires.
It has 6 varieties of road discs in front and 5 in the rear.
It has 2 types of black Soviet license plates.
Has spiral cables with physics.
No advanced hitch with standard SCS trailers.

Does not conflict with KamAZ 43101 Army from the author Nikola Donbass.
Does not conflict with KamAZ 5410HQ from the authors of JAWA, Stas556.
Does not conflict with KamAZ 4410 SUV from the authors – JAWA, Stas556.

Last changes:
A complete conversion of the entire 3D model of the truck has been carried out.
Complete reworking of the textures of the entire cockpit.
Added new improved interior (version v3.0) ๐Ÿ™‚
Added new passengers – girls.
In the interior, the black stripe was removed, due to which the dashboard was hard to see – during the day. ๐Ÿ™‚
Updated special signal – pipes.
Chassis physics reworked.
The 3D model has been cosmetically cleaned.
Updated and fixed in companies, desktop and dealers.
Full optimization of the 3D model has been carried out.
Cleaned the log in the game up to 100% (percentage) ๐Ÿ™‚

Latest test on ETS2 version:
Happy gaming and happy travels!!!

AUTHOR: Oleg Davydov[oq37].
The authors of some used 3D models of KAMAZ: JAWA, Stas556.
Author of adaptation and full conversion of 3D-Model: Master_Yoda.
DONAT: https://sobe.ru/na/g2Y2H098Z1d8


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  1. Great truck, here is my 4K movie off it https://youtu.be/dKHjSN4QV5Q

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