Kamaz 5410 Update

Kamaz 5410 (1) Kamaz 5410 (2)

YouTube preview

– New registration under patch 1.19
– New sounds
– The picture in the menu

Authors: JAWA, jon ruda, vitalik062


8 Responses to Kamaz 5410 Update

  1. Melichov_SU says:

    This publication is outdated.

    Last mod KAMAZ: https://youtu.be/Ea11U_hEDk8

    2 March 2015.

    New versions no were made

  2. Antosha says:

    Why sounds are taken form Maz
    Почему звуки с грузовика Маз?

  3. Tur says:

    А почему машина стоит второй а требует 8 ур ?

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