KamAZ 5410 v7.0 1.43

Changelog v7.0
Full update to version 1.43
– Cleaning the model
– Removed all trash from the cabin
– Replaced and baked some cabin textures
– Recycled some materials and models both in the cabin and on the body
– completely replaced all sound support for better
– Replaced sounds of engines for real and high-quality
– All animated, windows also work
– replaced steers to better

Added a few smallest things, namely: animated bucket on the back hook and antenna.

Adaptation of the closed version of KAMAZ 5410 V2.
Four types of chassis,
Lots of engines and gearboxes.
One cabin,
Your interior.
There is dirt
Good selection of tires and wheels.
The cabin is painted.
There is a cable, but not animated.

JAWA, Stas556, dmitry68, Mishanka, _69_mf_ – original mod, processing by Denis_Parhomenko, with the support of Eugene_88. Adaptation for 1.35 & support – oq37 Adaptation for 1.43 Bruh_ma


4 thoughts on “KamAZ 5410 v7.0 1.43

  1. Bodyguardxp

    ETS2 // KamAZ 5410 (Motor Sesi + Gezinti) [1.43]

  2. Hi guys how I can contact creator /owner of this mod ”kamaz” I would like to remove the curtains from the cabin but I don’t know how to edit the files
    if somebody can help me find out email address for the owner of this wonderful truck I will be grateful many thanks

  3. from where i can buy it from in game??

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