Kamaz 54115

kamaz-54115-1 kamaz-54115-2

Tested on 1.3.1 version

Author: Lexan
Convert to ETS2: Kosa6414, Goba6372.


16 thoughts on “Kamaz 54115

  1. Maarten Willem

    Very Nice mod . Thank you!

  2. Where do you buy this truck?

    1. Volvo Dealer

  3. BlueMaster

    It is a .scs file? Or I can’t extract corractly?

    1. Take the file as it is, without extracting, copy it in the mod folder and activate it. That´s all.

  4. What is the password?

  5. What truck do i need for it?

  6. Hi,i cant under saddle with the truck under the trailer, is there any solution?

    1. Hi,
      i dont now either, very bid problem! Do it know anybody else??

  7. Hallo kennt jemand das Passwort ?

    1. Hi does anyone know the password?

      1. you don’t need a password.. put the file as it is in the mod folder. (place the .zip file in the mod folder) then start ets 2 > edit profile and activate it.

  8. Marcelo Sanchez

    The model is fantastic, works great!
    But the decoration of the windshield is horrible.
    Why decorating the windshield?
    If accessory, fine. can be removed.
    But this fixed, can not be removed.
    Many models are made wellit is a pity, is not cute, and uncomfortable the vision.
    Bye. Marcelo.

  9. Neveikia

  10. The truck damaging automatically?!

  11. volvo masta

    when i download the zip i cant find any scs files, do i just move the whole folder into mod file or…

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