Kamaz 54115

Kamaz-54115-1 Kamaz-54115-2

Fully independent model. Sold in the showroom MAN. There is a large set your tuning. Your salon, your sounds.

Author: Никон Олейниченко

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8 Responses to Kamaz 54115

  1. Cruise says:

    Mod date 13.09.2014

  2. Salora says:

    Мод супер но нужно доделать сделать более качественные текстуры и исправить звук двигателя сделать его более адекватным и еще так по мелочи устранить всякие недочеты и косяки

  3. Adam says:

    This is a nice looking model. However the engine sounds are quite bad. Nice air brake sound however. It would be nice if the plume of exhaust smoke could be turned off in the upgrade shop.

  4. harry says:

    when i go into the man dealer it isnt there but i can get the wheels please help

  5. alekssedovich says:

    как скачать?

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