Kamaz 54115-43118 Fix [1.28]

– 2 Cab: high and medium, medium with tuning (spoilers, fairing)
– 3 Chassis: 4×2, 6×4, 6×6
– Salon one, but low and medium roof
– Wheels are present
– 2 types of bumpers
– 2 types of wings
– Adaptation 1.28



4 thoughts on “Kamaz 54115-43118 Fix [1.28]

  1. FAKE this it Don’t download, this version very old and reuploading

  2. PolishdriverTrucker

    Bad Truck

  3. Vladimid.V.B

    Old mod. Old fake video.

    1. What is old and what is fake?
      At least you can read in the uploaders description (copy in):
      – Adaptation 1.28
      So what? Why so overhasty and senseless comments?
      Btw: Over the time I used several downloads of this truck.
      And they worked fine – except some marginal failures as to note the wipers for example which do not wipe the complete screen. But I can live with that……….

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