Kamaz 54115 DB Edition

Kamaz-54115-DB-Edition-1 Kamaz-54115-DB-Edition-2

Standalone Truck
You can find this Truck in dealer of Volvo Trucks in game

Authors: Lexan, Alex, Maks(XD), Kamazn


11 Responses to Kamaz 54115 DB Edition

  1. ramses says:

    has own interior ? upgrade or painting? its standalone? ,please make a short video with this truck

  2. Kalash156 says:

    ### is with that engine sound?! It sounds like a combination of a vacuum cleaner, lawn mower, and a farm tractor!

  3. ETS_Cobra says:

    Sounds like it is under water lol. To the team that created the truck, Nice work! The truck at times seems to sound like someone forgot to stick a couple spark plugs back in, anyone that has ever done a compression test or rolled a motor over with a missing plug knows what I mean.

    Good work on the truck it’s self and please if you could add a better sounding engine.

    Thanks guys.

  4. timon24 says:

    да большой минус то,что звук не камазовский!

  5. maddison says:

    Sounds like the Ural Truck 😉

  6. DrunkDriver says:

    Everything about this truck is just fine,except the sound.It sounds horrible.One of the first trucks
    I used to drive in the beginning of my truck driving
    career during the year of 2001,was an old kamaz 54112.It was weak,slow,and lame,but I loved the sound it makes when I punch it nearly 2000rpm.And it has the best heating of all trucks.It`s worthless piece of ####,but I still love it just for the sound it makes.

  7. Brocade says:

    I like this MOD. The truck is good, the music too. But I have a problem about tires position. In the youtube video, I can see all tires fit into the fenders. But in my 6×4 6×2 chassis case, front tire is so close to the fender, and rear tires go through just a little. This happens even when I use only this MOD. Does anyone know how to fix it?

  8. Ianwigan says:

    Maybe try exit the game and restart see if that works i had simlar problem with a different truck and somone told me. To exit and rstart and it worked maybe this one to

  9. Brocade says:

    Thank you for telling me the way so soon. I tried, but doesn’t work this time. I also found other small bugs like the range of the front glass wiped by wiper is slightly off to the right side. But these are not serious problems to drive this good truck. I hope authors will fix these bugs someday. Thank you.

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