KAMAZ 54115 Final Edit


1 Interior – fixed glass mat (remove excessive reflections)
2 Interior – changed some mats (m.in vir_listalng_lentex removed from the floor)
3 Added flare for halogens
4 Added flare lamps on the roof
5 Added fine tuning
6 Kamaz been added to the last slot in the living room DAF sales
7 Kamaz is available in quick orders (our original engine and gearbox – 240/260KM 10 speed)
8 Added replicas of original engines and transmissions installed in the truck.
9 Posted engines and boxes of newer versions of Kamaz dostęne in the latter stages
10 Fixed animations of driver
11 Wipers works properly
12 Added chassis 6×6 and 4×4, and again removed 6×2 / 4 because in this model there is no
13 Capacity of tanks close to the actual
14 Fixed roof

Tested with 1.3.1

Author: unknown
Edit: Ekualizer
Gearbox: irocket


13 Responses to KAMAZ 54115 Final Edit

  1. George says:

    It looks nice, but it has problems. Whenever I signal to turn left or right, there is nothing on the board to blink it that way. Only the sound assures me that I signal turning left/right. The 6×6 chasis is not showing although it’s present in the shop. When I purchase 6×6 it gives me a normal 6×4 chasis.

  2. Ekualizer says:

    look on def 6×6.sil, all scripts are ok
    it unlock at 16 lvl

  3. tolisGR says:

    For some reason the game crash everytime i try to drive the truck. Can you made it for 1.3.1s. Thanks

    • Veeyou says:

      IT does not work for me too…

      Ps; I have removed all, Yes all mods

      • tolisGR says:

        Install the mod and buy the 4×2 chassis, only the 4×2 with no other modifications. It will work. It works for me. Sorry for my bad english.

  4. F says:

    tolisGR – I have 1.3.1s version and this truck is working fine.

  5. F says:

    Uh, I forgot – control lights on the dashboard are not working properly, only backlight is OK, but blinker or headlights are not working

  6. mario says:

    not working in the version 1.3.1 why? because i have many mods in my folder!?

  7. F says:

    @mario – I have 72 mods in the game and this Kamaz is working fine for me. Maybe one of your mods doesn’t match to this truck.

  8. mario says:

    i was tri it the many times but still not working without any mods in my game! said….euro truck simulator stop working…

  9. Yolo says:

    Hey darf ich mal wissen für welchen lkw der ist?

  10. Yolo says:

    Sry errr.. Wich truck is this mod? iveco or???? i don’t know please help!

  11. rein says:

    windshieled wipers DO NOT WORK cant see #### when its raining

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