Kamaz 5490 Neo (4х2) and 65206 (6х4)

– Updated models and animations
– Fixed bugs

Lacoste36, Bruh_ma, Valera Rusakov


2 thoughts on “Kamaz 5490 Neo (4х2) and 65206 (6х4)

  1. nice🤠

  2. Kamaz me, baby!

    Can you PLEASE fix the lightmask?

    All lights are turned on on all stages, when they shouldn’t be, the LED DRLs don’t turn on when electrics turn on and the aux lights (roof/verh and f_grill/zashita) don’t shine on road.

    This actually works okay on the old 5490 by SimKa, but that model is very old by now so the interior looks bad, there is very little tuning possible and very few engine options with old sound.

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