KAMAZ 5490 Neo/65206 v.0.1.3(Update)

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Model of the Russian mainline tractor KAMAZ 5490 Neo and 65206
The model has its own interior, its own original sounds, a small variable tuning, and its own on-Board computer

-Fixed cabin (fixed holes, flickering textures, cracks, etc.)
-Fixed rubber position on KAMAZ wheels
-Adjusted the position of the rear wings
-Removed a large amount of garbage

Max_Dmitriev, SimKA, Jon_Ruda, EVR Studios, Piva, Alex Budaev


3 thoughts on “KAMAZ 5490 Neo/65206 v.0.1.3(Update)

  1. Truck_Driver

    Nice truck anyway, but what it is worth if it does not appear in any of the truck dealers shops?
    Due to my own experience it is only available in a special city far east in ‘South Region’ map.
    So – for all the people who want to drive this truck, make it please available in – at least – one truck-dealer in the vanilla game’s truck dealers.
    Hope you’ll understand the point regarding ‘to buy where?’
    Anyway it is a very good truck with an awesome sound……

    1. Hercules6574

      Is this found on Russia map mod, I have Black Sea and Baltic DLC from Steam which garage we can find this Kamaz please?

  2. Bence Hadzsi

    texture not found error

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