KamAZ 6450 Off-Road 8×8 ETS2 v1.44.x

“KamAZ 6450 Off-road for new versions of ETS2 1.44.x and higher”.

Autonomous, does not replace anything, it is bought from dealers of KamAZ and VOLVO
No more conflicts with KamAZ on base 6460.
It has 3 chassis and one cab.
4 wiper modes.
Simple external tuning.
Has black Soviet license plates.
Has spiral cables with physics.
Animation of cables and 1st window on the driver’s side. Author: AJIEHA.(Thank you!)
The steering wheel now has status as an accessory. AJIEHA.(Thank you!)
No advanced hitch with standard SCS trailers.

Tested on a clean profile – errors are excluded.
Converted all 3D truck models and animations.
Added support for multiplayer with CONVOY mode.
Added high-quality sounds of KamAZ engines – 2 types.
Added high-quality sound of the YaMZ-238 engine.
Completely redesigned interior textures.
Updated the camera and added new physics to the cockpit.
There is an animation of the window, but only from the driver’s side.
Fixed GPS navigation in the interior.
The truck lighting has been updated again.
Improved truck lighting at near and far distances.
Corrected in companies, desktop and dealers.
Fixed too bright light on the windshield.
Improved truck braking system (no stiffness)
Improved handling – it’s power steering and suspension.
The 3D model has been cosmetically cleaned.
The in-game log is now 99.7% (percent) clean.

Last test on ETS2:
Enjoy the game and have a good trip!!!

AUTHOR: Koral, Anatoliy7469.
Steering wheel accessory: AJIEHA.(Thank you!)
The author of the animation of the cables and the right window: AJIEHA. (Thank you!)
Adaptation authors: AJIEHA and MaxX_AGENT.
The author of the conversion of the entire 3D Model and animation: MaxX_AGENT.


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