Kamaz 6460 (4×4 6×4 6×6) with improved off-road suspension


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Modification KAMAZ 6460 for off-road maps with realistic behavior of the chassis.
-Work suspension
All changes have been made for themselves to play on “The harsh Russian” card.
medium hardness Suspension: minor irregularities are almost invisible, bumps larger wheels are processed adequately with gradual raising and lowering of the wheels (with the standard setting the wheels operate on the principle of “on-off”), the wheels are not far from “jumping”. In general, stiffer than the converted tractors from the map author.
Full list of changes:
1. New 4×4 chassis (based on the model of the chassis 6×4)
– four-wheel drive
– Shortened frame
– Shifted to the rear axle
– Reduced volume of the tank (texture + volume enclosing the fuel)
– Suspension tuning
– Modified model kolizhn
(All files named 4×2 in the game menu – Kamaz 4326)
2. Changes to the suspension under off-road maps
– Each has its own chassis.
– Change in the direction of easing to better overcome the irregularities
– An increase in the buildup to the load (Improved the behavior of the front axle cab and rear axles <=> Smooth gap rear axles)
3. Changes realistic behavior of the loaded tractor
– The load on the rear axle for 6×4 and 6×2 chassis
– Imitation “crushed” by a heavy load (more for 6×2, 6×4 for less, 6×6 unchanged)
– Planting of the seat (point of load securing set in accordance with the parameters of the chassis)
4. Changed kolizhn model chassis 6×6 (you can now hitch trailers low)
5. A slight change in 6×6 and 6×4 models
– Removed the wings for 6×4
– Modified wings for 6×6

Known bugs!
Depart when viewing the chassis 6×6 4×4 post and vice versa
Reset the default drive to the rear axle in the chassis 6×4 after watching 4×4 chassis

Koral, il_86, Funky

DOWNLOAD 157 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 157 MB [Uploadfiles]



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